Our Approach

Be the Bridge

We believe that we all have the capacity to be bridges - between the parts of ourselves, ourselves and others, and together with the world. Bridges connect separated territories of isolated experiences into a common whole, and activate currents of love, intimacy, connection, and integration through all parts.

When we transform ourselves, we can then transform our relationships.

When we transform our relationships, we can then transform the world. 

Transform Yourself

Our primary relationship is with ourselves. A small shift in perception within our self can have a lifetime of transformational value. Each of the core Relational Empowerment teachings provide an opportunity to reflect on how we do life. How we are always projecting our inner reality out and coloring everything.

The world has a limitless possibility and any moment can birth an insight that could shift the rest of your life. This weekend training allows these insights to be like low hanging fruit. We create the atmosphere where you are empowered to transform your life in an instant.

Fritz Perls, the father of modern day psychology said that awareness is itself curative. This means that everything in our life that is causing us pain can be welcomed and accepted. It is through this deep seeing and being with our pain that we are transformed. It is the medicine that will forge us into an instrument

But without awareness our pain can be destructive. It can damage our relationships and our own self-confidence.

Transform your Relationships

We all know that relationships can get sticky sometimes. There are moments when we it feels like we are communicating from two different worlds… because we are! Each of us is walking around in our own bubble constantly projecting the world that we see onto the real world and other people. Deep and clear knowledge of self is the key to having relationships that flow and are in harmony.

Revealing more of our truth and making direct requests, especially in relationships that are close and meaningful is an advanced practice.

The social technology and tools presented in the Relational Empowerment Training have been cultivated and tested for over 15 years and are on the cutting edge of the relational empowerment

Relational and emotional training that can instantly transform your ability to connect with others and recognize opportunities in the midst of conflict. This training breaks down all the core skills needed and provides the ability to practice them in real time.

Our cutting edge trainings are designed to instill in you the skills that can be used in your life to transform yourselves and your relationships right away.


Transform the World

We have a saying around our communities of practice. We are changing the world one connection at a time. Everything we are doing at ART international is infused with a larger vision. That vision is  that Healing and Peace is possible on a global scale.