A 7-day deep dive into human consciousness, providing the insights and skill sets to lead and facilitate transformation in groups, organizations, and communities.


The ART of Leadership is designed for graduates of our Level 1 and 2 courses to deepen and broaden their Authentic Relating practice across all personal and professional domains, and to empower participants to become leaders of Authentic Relating and catalysts of cultural transformation.

This 7-day program is the most efficient, powerful, and sustainably transformational Authentic Relating leadership training anywhere in the world. We've combined and sequenced the most cutting edge training tools and practices to provide participants with a training process that is rigorous, challenging, and empowering.

Participants can expect the following experiences and outcomes from the The ART of Leadership:

  • The practice of Authentic Relating at the embodied level - the equivalent of speaking a language or playing an instrument without thinking about it, letting go of the structures that were necessary early on and learning to flow freely with the practice

  • Depths of self-awareness and insight - the ability to both identify and articulate personal experience in real time, and to track previously unconscious patterns, habits, projections, and stories

  • A set of powerful tools and practices to take out into the world and create contexts of human connection in all social domains, and enroll people into those contexts.

  • A clear sense of purpose and mission in the world - we leverage the group field to reflect the essential values of each participant through the means of expertly facilitated practices

  • Expanded capacity and newfound ability to facilitate groups toward coherence and trust, and to name the un-named in service of cultivating a shared perspective

  • A profound journey of living, breathing, and dreaming Authentic Relating with other staff and participants for five intense days of practice

Participants will have multiple opportunities to step into leadership and facilitation during the course, with rigorous guidance and feedback from course leaders and other participants. If there are any blind spots, distorted frames of thinking, or limiting beliefs, we will lovingly sniff them out and work together to create a new context of empowered leadership.

The ART of Leadership Course Dates


March 27 - april 2: netherlands

July 30 - August 5: UNITED STATES


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Five percent of all ART Level 1, 2 and 3 course profits are donated to Authentic Relating International, ART International’s sister organization and 501(c)3 nonprofit, bringing authentic relating training to jails, prisons and schools.

Next Course:

Friesland, Netherlands

March 27 - April 2, 2019


New Eden Retreat Center
New Eden is property located in the Heart of Friesland, Netherlands, and is surrounded by 50 acres of beautiful forest and nature. It is completely private and is gloriously free from noise and distractions. Check out their gorgeous website here: https://www.neweden.org/

Course fee:

EARLY BIRD ~ (through February 28)

Shared room: €1,775 ($2,030 USD)

Private room: €1,950 ($2,230 USD)

FULL PRICE ~ (beginning March 1)

Shared room: €1,875 ($2,150 USD) 

Private room: €2,050 ($2,350 USD)  

New Eden.jpg


Included in the cost

of the program:

  • ART Level 3 Leadership Course

  • Welcome day before the course

  • Integration day after the course

  • Accommodations

  • Home-made meals daily

  • A group of amazing humans to journey with!

Group Calls

As part of the Leadership Training Program, we will be conducting group calls both before and after the course to support participants in maximizing the learning available during the course, and to address real-world incidents and situations as they arise. 

Ongoing Participant Contact

All graduating participants of the Leadership Training Program will be added to our closed group page on Facebook. We are also looking to our LTP graduates to be collaborators and partners in helping us bring Authentic Relating far and wide, and expanding our network of practitioners worldwide.

Course Leader Track

ART is rapidly growing and we are always seeking qualified Course Leaders, and anticipate identifying candidates for future course leadership from the pool of LTP graduates. For those graduates who may be interested in pursuing a track towards course leadership, this is the course for you.

Application Process

Please note that acceptance into the Leadership Course is by application only, and at this time, is open solely to graduates of our Level 1 course. (Here's more information on our Level 1 and Level 2 courses.)

Submit your application now for 2019 Level 3 Leadership courses!

This Summer:

Manitou springs, colorado

July 30 - August 5, 2019


SunMountain Center

Nestled near the base of Pikes Peak and adjacent to the majestic Garden of the Gods Park, the SunMountain Center is a creative sanctuary for wellness and serenity. Steeped in history and local lore, what makes this property so unique and compelling is that it was designed in Elizabethan style in 1913 and built with wood, stucco and red stone indigenous to the area. With miles of rustic walking and meditation trails and an on-site organic farm, the world-class urban farm property provides inspiration through nature, art, and locally sourced cuisine. A world away from the hustle and bustle of city living, Manitou Springs' SunMountain is the perfect retooling and refueling escape.

Course fee:

EARLY BIRD ~ (through April 30)

Shared room (quad): $1,845

Shared room (double): $1,995

Private room: $2,795

FULL PRICE ~ (beginning May 1)

Shared room (quad): $2,050

Shared room (double): $2,200

Private room: $3,000


The six acres of terraced gardens, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains, are home to chickens, geese, and rabbits as well as Jezebel the resident pig! Participants will be staying in uniquely decorated and appointed rooms, and will have a wholesome, nutritious vegetarian breakfast with a gourmet lunch and dinner prepared by the in-house chef, featuring ingredients from the onsite urban farm. Participants may also partake in activities such as touring the land, on-site yoga, venturing into the historic city of Manitou Springs, horseback riding in the Garden of the Gods, taking a tour of the local Mineral Hot Springs, escaping to our neighboring SunWater Spa for a blissful soak in the Hot Mineral Tubs, as well as many other enticing endeavors.


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“The words that come to mind to describe the weekend are: powerful, connective, transformative, heart-opening, community, humbling, and WOW! We talked, opened, unpacked, laughed, cried and grew, both as individuals and as community.
— Cassie

My experience with the facilitators was out of this world. The containers they held made opening up very safe and welcoming. The laser-like deepening of their facilitation made it easy to access the places that were yearning to be seen.
— Sasha