The words that come to mind to describe the weekend are: powerful, connective, transformational, heart-opening, community, humbling, and WOW! We talked, opened, unpacked, laughed, cried and grew, both as individuals and as community. It was perfect and just as it needed to be. Thank you to the facilitators for being such awesome, fearless leaders!
— Cassie Drew, Asheville

Our courses are designed to train you to develop and practice skills that catalyze transformation in self and relationship - immediately and sustainably.


the art of being human: Level 1

Our introductory Level 1 course has been widely called the most effective and transformational relational training course in participants' lives. We offer our flagship course on every continent, year-round.


the art of being human: level 2

Our advanced Level 2 course is designed to build on the tools and skills taught during the Level 1 course to catalyze yourself as a cultural leader and shaper, and to become an agent of transformation in others.


the art of leadership: level 3

Our Leadership Training course takes participants on a deep dive into human consciousness, providing the insights and skill sets to lead and facilitate transformation in organizations, structures, and communities.