We work with organizations of all sizes, in all industries, to teach and guide them in integrating Authentic Relating into the workplace communications culture. Authentic Relating has revolutionized the workplaces in which it's been introduced, resulting in more cohesion among managers and employees, a culture that invites and welcomes all perspectives, and deep alignment among all stakeholders in understanding, upholding, and updating the values of the organization. 

ART consultants provide clients with clear standards for establishing a robust, mature, inclusive communications culture in the workplace. We train C-level executives in Authentic Relating practices, and guide them as they set up the structures that enable AR to trickle into the workplace environment. We also lead company-wide retreats and sessions that give employees the fundamental tools of AR, and provides a platform for the free exchange of perspectives, opinions, and tensions.

We offer the following:

  • Individual coaching for executives and decision-makers

  • Group facilitation for managers or departments

  • Company-wide workshops and retreats

  • Both one-off sessions and on-going engagements

Some of the key benefits our program provides are:

  • Skills to transform conflict into clarity and connection

  • Tools to communicate clearly, honestly, and responsibly, and the ability to convey these tools to others

  • Skills to align disparate individual and collective value systems toward a common goal by setting context, making the implicit explicit, and creating a culture that welcomes all perspectives

  • A restored connection to genuine curiosity, and a perspective that regards the world with fascination free of assumptions or judgments

  • The ability to set powerful context at both the micro level (like a single meeting), and the macro level (like a company culture)

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